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Venus and Mars

Certain documentary-movies, say that women came from Venus and men from Mars. How logical is this theory? Should we sustain the idea that there are other planets like Earth which are populated…? Is that Venus a sort of ” Women land “, a  “No man allowed” territory? No, we don’t know well our planet, why should we talk about others? With Mars things are quite the same… but we can have a theory towards them.We all know that man-kind had a tentative of living themselves… only them, in the mythological Sodoma thing… So, even this context can be rejected, because we don’t know what really happened there.I suppose that the rate of living is still 80-90 years old, with few exceptions :)) What about that specific sensor which is localized on the genital part of a woman’s body? “The mountain of Venus” is its name and it is the most sensitive place which a woman does have. Why is it named like this..? Why Venus?